day 2 of amsterdam 2019

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goodnight amsterdam

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welcome back to my 4 part installment of the amsterdam series. 

after night 1 of being in amsterdam and drinking amazing cider. no, like, maria thought she was drinking apple juice and it ended up being 7% alcohol or some shit.  we made a list of things we wanted to do and number one on our list was going to the van gogh museum. you can purchase tickets for the museum online beforehand which is what we did, and you can select which time slot best works for you or when you arrive to the museum, they have kiosks. the ticket was only $20USD! 


maria, queen of being the perfect travel buddy

as I had mentioned, there were little shops around our airbnb so we decided to check out a tea shop for breakfast. don’t judge me but I had never had chai tea, chai iced tea, etc, so I decided to grab one here and it was life changing to my taste buds (and was very disappointed when I came back to america because they are not anywhere near the same in terms of taste) the one I had there was handcrafted to sweet perfection, no dead ass, it was so sweet which is perfect for me because I have a sweet tooth.

if you’re ever in amsterdam and would like to explore a tea shop with a variety of delicious teas, check out

we took an uber to the museum because although we had public transportation right by us, we weren’t sure how to use it yet. when you’re in europe, remember to download Citymapper because it comes in clutch! it tells you all the public transportations routes that are available near you

fam, the reason i’m starting to document this shit is in case I end up like that lady from the notebook, but apparently it’s already happening 😭😭 I really am blanking here about the museum. from what I remember, they had an exhibit named van gogh and the sunflowers. there were no actual sunflowers, but they had these bad boys which changed colors.

after we were done walking around the whole museum, which is 4 floors, I had to check out the gift shop because my best friend is a huge fan of van gogh. as I was lurking for her gift, I came across this bunny. her name is miffy and she is an icon because well look at her, she’s so fucking cute. instant obsession skskks. hence, sorry to my cat since he’s a boy, but he’s named after her.

next on our list after the museum, was hitting up some markets we had looked up. then it happened, the big moment of us using public transportation. there are machines at the bus stops where you purchase your tickets, and it was super cheap for a 3 day pass. I believe it was $10. so we hopped on the bus and ended up at Bloemenmarkt. which if you’re like me you’ll go crazy, go stupid because there are sooooo many flowers. unfortunately, you can’t bring that shit back into the u.s. as you’re walking you can find souvenir shops and of course, weed. weed stuff almost everywhere in the shops, even if it’s just a small section. that’s when we decided to buy a weak ass edible. 0/5 would recommend. after this we found vintage shops which is what they call thrift stores…hmm… apparently maria and I starved or something because I don’t have any photo proof of us eating on this day. from memory though, we had mcdonalds because they have a lot more vegeterian options. they charge you 75 cents to get into the bathrooms. also, they don’t use toilet seat covers. which is weird to me because here, the bathrooms are free and we use toilet seat covers. we had dinner at a restaurant by a canal… that’s all I remember from this day. enjoy these pictures that took place throughout the day.

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