friend friday?


welcome back poopers, readers of the night, etc, etc. you know the drill.

if we are friends in real life, you know that I have a friend or 2. so i’ve decided to begin the friend part of my blog beginning with my friend Jose! aka, Big Diaz! who I never refer to as Jose lmfao. I have known him since 2014 when I was a wee little child interning at a radio station. he has been the homie ever since, more like a brother to be honest. I don’t have siblings in america. someday we’ll get to that, but that day is not today.

my brother here, has always been such a kind soul who thought he’d end up alone, but I always told him this wouldn’t be the case. however, it’s easier said than done because if you’ve attempted to date during these times, you know shit be rough because people are very interesting. back to my story, I knew he wouldn’t end up alone because it is impossible that someone so incredible would end up with no perfect woman. I attempted to help this situation by playing cupid, if you know me, this isn’t news to you. I always try to be cupid because I think love is one of those most beautiful things, yes I am corny. my cupid matchmaking skills didn’t work though and thank God for that because about 2 years ago he found the one and I feel like he knew this immediately. from the beginning I was filled in about all these amazing dates he planned out for them. you know, I still remember one of the first couple of times they hung out and he was so excited to be able to see her and go on a date with her. he even sent her flowers. cries. fast forward towards the end of 2019, and my brother is out here planning to do the damn thing and marry her! gosh, how exciting.  he was just waiting for the right time to do this.

about a month ago, he asked for my help and how could I say no? I had watched this love story unfold from his perspective, that i’m honestly not even doing a good job at writing about but here we are. i’m going to continue rambling. he decided on giving her a book which was really cute because it is an animated book about their love story and at the end of the book, he asks her to marry him. that wouldn’t be all though. of course not. he knew he wanted to take her on a walk before or after dinner which is where I pop into this story. I was in charge of decorating whatever it was I needed to. I decided to go be nosy and go on a tour of places that seemed cute, yeah, yeah I ain’t got no other adjectives, sue me. I looked up places online: Piedmont Park, the Berkeley Rose Garden, and some cute archways. the archways didn’t give me the vibes we were going for so those got chopped. Piedmont Park is so beautiful in my opinion because I don’t know what any of you like, but this place was clean, relaxing, and safe lmfao. there’s another part which is like a trail, but I knew damn well they couldn’t walk around in that shit in the dark because she probably thought he was trying to scare her.  I kept that one on my list. then I went to the berkeley rose garden, which is cute, but there weren’t any roses right now so i’d imagine a good time to go here is during may when the roses are all blooming or whatever. I took videos of both places I thought were promising and we agreed that piedmont park was it. shoutout to him because he actually was willing to go to the place I chose.   

now it was time to pimp out the park by making a list of decorations. he knew he wanted flowers, specifically stargazer lilies because those are her favorite. so we got to it and ordered the stuff we needed and while he took his fiancĂ© to dinner, my best bud and I went to decorate. but bruh, that shit looked scary as fuck at night and then, there it was, a place that was literally lit so we told jose what was up and he was like aight bet, do your thing guys. and we got to it like the minions that we are. after we were done, all we could do was wait, before we knew it, they were there. they did their photoshoot without her knowing what was about to happen. I recorded and watched everything happen behind a bush like i’m fucking joe goldberg. 

it was beautiful to experience the experience in real life, behind the bush. and I cannot wait for the wedding!!!! congratulations, jose and marissa! you guys deserve all the happiness in the world. i told you, that you wouldn’t end up alone! i told you that you would find a beautiful woman, but not just physically, emotionally as well and you can tell marissa is all of that and more.

thank you for letting me help you decorate what you needed for your proposal. hit me up if you want me to help you find a place and decorate your future wife’s proposal or dates if you suck at being romantic and your woman is out here like, bruh wtf.  enjoy these pictures from the proposal that were taken by @justosphotos

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