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italia giorno 2

welcome back poopers, late sleepers, bored people of the world. 

buongiorno italia! this was the day we decided to go to the colosseum. not like, inside though because bitches be poor and also it was … okay, I checked and it says 94, but it felt so damn hot. usually, i’m not a fan of the heat, but it actually grew on me :|. 

what I noticed in italy, is that they use trip advisor more than they use yelp, but I guess I managed to find this breakfast place on yelp. i’m a 5 year old, so I think the main selling point was that this place was called Café MéMé maria says the juice there was bomb. I recommend it because it was affordable! 

we continued our journey and this is when we got on public transit. remember to use city mapper when you travel because it gives you the different routes you can take, which lines to take, and which times. it also tells you how much your trip will be. yes, I am a creep, I took a picture. it was just so damn clean! and it didn’t smell like pee or poop, all my bart riders know what that’s like. at some point the screen was playing a video from a runway show? lol

we got to the colosseum and we kept walking and couldn’t figure out where we were trying to go, finally we found this spot and were posers.

according to one of my friend’s who’s identity will remain a undisclosed, powerade was the official drink of france, but I couldn’t find that damn drink to save my life while we were there. this was the one time I desperately wanted powerade because of the heat. we finally found some inside the station, bless up. this is where maria and I split apart. the heat wasn’t treating her too well, but I wanted to explore. so I walked around wherever they had a bunch of shops. 

I started thinking about my mom’s best friend, who was like a second mom to me. may she rest in peace. as I was walking around here, pictured above, I started thinking about how whether or not she had also walked around these places because I remembered she had visited rome years ago when all of a sudden, a butterfly landed on my shoulder and followed me around for a while. I’m not sure if you guys have ever read or heard that butterflies are a sign that people who have passed are still living on. coincidence? i’m not sure. te extranamos mucho, socorro! 


after walking around a bunch of stores, the last store I went into had a really nice chick working so I asked her which place she recommended to eat at. she sent me to Il Pastaio di Roma. here’s a shitty pic of my pasta. the portions there are ridiculously small for the fat ass american like myself. because the chick from the store told me this portion was huge and she often had left overs for dinner. however, she didn’t lie about how cheap it was. it was about $5USD. CRAZY! 

I went back to the airbnb to see how maria was doing. she was doing better. she needed rest because the heat, lack of the official drink of france, water, poor diet, really adds up! who would have thought?!

pollo alla cacciatora

yet again, I found a list of restaurants to try in italy and asked maria if she wanted to go try it. she agreed. the name of this bomb ass place is trapizzino testaccio



caramel stuff with hazelnut stuff with more stuff.

have an eating problem because based on time stamps, from this place, we walked to another place to eat AGAIN. I think my excuse was that I wanted tiramisu and maria is a real one and agreed. that’s when I opened up trip advisor and found this place, La Botticella. on our walk to the restaurant we stopped for gelatto. La Botiticella had a line of people waiting to go in so after half an hour they finally seated us. it was really small inside, and I think someone was having an extramarital date next to us. i’ll never know. I said I was there for tiramisu, but I couldn’t help myself and we ordered pasta. bitch, I cried. that was the best tortellini i’ve had and probably will ever have. I can’t explain it. you have to go try it. the tiramisu was also everything I had hoped and more. I want to start crying right now because I miss the food so much.

with this I say goodnight to italy once again.

see you later for the last day in italy.

buona notte.

are you a tiramisu lover? what’s your favorite pasta?

2 thoughts on “italia giorno 2

  1. biiiiiitch nothing will ever beat italian tiramisu. on top of that italy prob has some of the nicest street art to take a picture of, like deadass the artwork itself plus the vintage feel of the buildings out there make it top tier

  2. THIS DAY WAS SO MUCH FUN (after i went home and took a nap of course) THIS WAS ALSO THE DAY I ATE UR CHERRIES HHEHEHEHHE SORRY

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