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welcome back poopers, late sleepers, bored people of the world.  I can summarize my days in stockholm into one post. this was the saddest part of my trip because maria was no longer with me since she had to fly back home. the entire time I was with her I had so much fun because

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music monday

goodbye to xxxx

welcome back poopers, late sleeper and bored people of the world. last week, my life changed. I am dramatic. soy dramatica, firma aqui. if we’ve been friends for years, you’ve followed me on social media or if we met at this person’s concert, you know that this was out of left field.  so last week,

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italy, travel

arrivederci italia

welcome back poopers, late sleepers, bored people of the world. I am sorry to everyone living through this time right now. it’s rough right now, but we will hopefully overcome this soon and correctly. stay safe, don’t wear gloves unless you’re gonna wash your hands every time you touch something. remember to sanitize everything you

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