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Sonia Valencia

today my post is inspired by anger and mix of emotions I have felt over the last couple of days so bear with me. mainly inspired by the fact that a news station tried to interview my mom and do an entire story on her, but she decided not to. and inspired by the shitty people of the world. however, she can’t stop me because THIS MY POST! sorry mama, I love you. also, in no way shape or form am I a professional writer so don’t fucking come for me if this was too poorly written for your taste. 

So a couple of weeks ago, my mom, Mrs. Sonia Valencia because she has a name so get it right. While yes, she is my mom,  she’s not just, “Ruth’s mom”, “my friend’s mom”, no, she is a whole ass person named Sonia who is an icon to me and I will let you know why. 

I don’t like talking about stuff that goes on in my life specifically because I think it’s weird and people are super invasive and use stuff against you to talk about you because I don’t know, people are freaking weird, okay?

My mom, Sonia, wait, she’d kill me if I referred to her by her first name, so yes, my mom. Her mom passed away when she was 6 and from then didn’t experience much of a childhood because she had to grow up quickly since there was no female figure that would look after them. My grandpa was amazing from what she tells me, but it’s not the same as having your mother still around and I think if you really sit back and think about your life and if you’re blessed with having an incredible mother, you will see how horrifying it might be to grow up without that figure your whole life. To not have someone to do your hair, to not have someone teach you how to cook, to not have anyone to talk to you about your period or boys, whatever the fuck, think about that. How much has your mom done for you if you’ve been blessed with an amazing figure in your life?

As my mom grew up, she learned how to sew, and my gosh what a fucking bad ass she is because this trade is actually what has been helping a ton of people right now because she’s decided that she will use this skill to make as many masks as she can and guess what? She doesn’t expect anything in fucking return because she wants to help people. So, she learns how to sew, does this for a living, eventually leaves a horrible situation in El Salvador to save her own life, moves to the U.S and still keeps on sewing. My mom actually embroidered jerseys for the 49ers the year that they won SuperBowl 29.

My mom is in the U.S and eventually meets my dad and then bam, I pop into the picture a couple of years later. I was a miracle child because my mom was on the older spectrum when she was pregnant with me. If you ever talk to my mom though, she will let you know that when she moved here, she asked God for a child because she felt alone because she had to leave my 3 oldest siblings behind due to again, a shitty domestic abuse situation and their father refused to give my mom custody of them unless she gave him half a million dollars. 

So there I was just vibing and when I was 4, my mom was pregnant again!  with my brother. Unfortunately, due to complications my brother passed away after being a day old. Since then, my dad decided he didn’t want my mom to work again so that she could raise me without having creepy babysitters or weird ass relatives that we don’t even have because it’s literally just the 3 of us. Imagine that, giving up your whole ass life to raise your kid. And she did it because she actually gives a shit about me. I’m not saying your moms don’t give a shit about you because everyone loves their kids differently, but my mom’s way of loving me was giving up her entire working life to raise me. Don’t think, “well, that’s just a luxury” cause fuck you, you don’t know anyones life and how much of a toll that has taken over her over the years.

A couple of years later, my oldest sister passed away and I can’t begin to imagine how it must have felt for my mom not being able to go back to her home country to say her final goodbye to her first born. I wish I could take all of the horrible feelings away that have built up for my mom over the course of her life, but despite all of these things my mother is such a strong woman with a wonderful heart. She just wants to help.

Here we are present day, yesterday morning this very lovely woman reached out to me about my mom and said she is amazing and I said I agreed, and told her that the news had reached out to me. I also told her that I wished my mom would have taken up the interview so people can see how amazing she truly is, because if you have your mom, you know that you view them as this superhero figure. This woman then tells me to cherish my mom because she lost her mom before she gave birth to her son years ago, but she still misses her and thinks about her everyday. I lost my shit, you know? How could you not? Well, I’m also a big fucking cry baby so there’s also that.

However, this is where I get angry and where I want to release this one final time onto the world because I no longer want to carry it in my noggin, but I have to say it.

Yes, my mom is making masks to giveaway because she cares. That doesn’t mean I don’t have my opinions on this though. I love that my mom is doing this because indeed, we are in a very shitty time and people need to be kind to one another. What I don’t love is people like a woman yesterday who pulls up in a luxury car with a luxury wallet and hands me next to nothing for 6 masks. I should have handed her $1 back to her, but I was so taken aback, I couldn’t even gather a thought process. I don’t love people who see that my postings say free, and want to message me asking me for 10-30 masks, to just take and not even contribute anything.  They just want to take advantage. What the actual FUCK is wrong with you?

Have you ever sat at a sewing machine? Have you sewed? Have you attempted to sew? Have you been successful? Have you dedicated your entire day to sew from 8am-8pm because you care that much about people and want to help in the only way you know you can? This shit isn’t easy work so I don’t know where some of you people get off taking advantage of people who are doing good work that isn’t even easy. I guess there’s a hell and a heaven for a reason.

I will say, that there have been more positive responses than negative ones, but negative responses always seem to stick in my head a whole lot more. This was a good ass rant session though and I can feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Shoutout to the amazing people who have donated, whether that was monetary, but also donating fabric, toilet paper, fruit, cards, flowers, food. You guys are amazing for recognizing all the work that goes into this and you guys also have a huge heart for trying to help people during these times.

Shoutout to my friends who picked up the slack of the BMW mask taker, they paid it forward on your behalf since it was so hard for you to just hand me SO MUCH MONEY!

If you’ve gotten a mask from my mom, everyone say thank you, Sonia. 

If you need a mask, hit me up. 

If you’d like to donate my venmo is: isav93 | cash app $ruthv93. and the money is all going straight to a saving’s account I put aside for my mom. 


Thanks for reading my rant. Tell me 3 things you love about your mom or the fondest memory you have of her. Remember to wash your hands!

Te quiero mucho mimi!

4 thoughts on “Sonia Valencia

  1. Your style of writing is refreshing! I love it. Your mom is amazing, God bless her for her selfless act and you for being so beautiful and giving your mom the credit she deserves.

  2. I loved everything about my mom. I lost her on July 29th 2017. She was generous, kind, real, honest, loving, fun, adventurous I can go on and on and on.

  3. Your mom is amazing, she truly is .
    This article has made me tear up… Mom’s are great .

    It’s very nice what she is doing .. bless her heart ❤️

  4. Thank you Sonia for being such an angel and for the beautiful masks I wear mine everytime I go out ✨ and Ruth thank you for giving us a little bit more insight about your life and about your wonderful Mama. I see where you get your beautiful personality from ?

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