thankful day post 2021.

I don’t need one day out of the whole year to be thankful, but recently I have learned that you cannot assume people know that you care about them.

Firstly and most importantly (to me) I am thankful today and everyday for God’s mercy.

Secondly, my beautiful parents who have raised me with so much love and taught me the most important thing I will ever need, which is faith in Christ. My parents are the most beautiful gift God could have ever given me.

Thirdly, Miffy because he is my little bundle of joy.  NO CAT COMPARES. He is the perfect cat. “Pain is temporary, Miffy is forever”

Now in no particular order, I am thankful for my bros.

Phlisha, who I can communicate with telepathically after we hang out for too long… it’s creepy. I am thankful for her friendship and how she shows me what a real friendship is through her kindness and patience. I am thankful that she encourages me when I feel like poop. I am thankful that she drives very far to come eat ramen with me or just sit and help me set up designs because that is not my forte. I am thankful to be able to call her a best bro.


Yeli, who is my little big brother bear. I am thankful that she is the most compassionate and caring person you will ever meet. I am thankful that she has always shown a genuine effort in maintaining all her friendships. Seriously! She is an angel on earth. I am thankful that she always makes my family and I feel loved.

Maria, who is my child that I informally adopted because she is totally soooooOOOOoooo much younger than I am — a lie because she is way more mature than me especially when we’re out and about, she figures everything out for me because i’m old. I am thankful for her carefree attitude and am especially thankful that she tolerates my shenanigans and is down to travel with me.


Kiani, who lives far away, but is a real gem. I am thankful that tumblr punked us into thinking 1D was in danger and then we met through a hashtag. I am thankful for your incredibly understanding and empathetic view on life. I am thankful for your friendship towards me. Everyone who lives near you and is your friend is way too lucky.


Mara, who literally is my sister in Christ. I am thankful you always cat on us because you hate me. Jk, I am thankful because you have learned my humor and have learned to tolerate it. You are a very beautiful soul with a lot of patience. I am thankful that I can always come to you to talk to you about God.


Bebemom, who always feeds me. I am thankful that despite us both having very strong mindsets, we end up hearing each other out. I am thankful for the patience she has – she has more than she thinks she does because I am literally a bratty child towards her half of the time and she still hasn’t slapped me.


Tanya, who is my small business queen. I am thankful that you always try to help me to the best of your ability. I am also thankful that you are creative and inspire me through your creativity to do things…. When I am not being lazy. I am thankful that we share the same love for corny movies. 


Lorena, who is a human bean I admire a lot. I am thankful that you have shown me to never give up on your dreams because you can accomplish so much even though at times it gets rough. I am thankful for her kindness and generosity. I am thankful that she is the greatest person at finding things I want for free or cheap lol.


Sam, who I have only seen once in two years… or that’s what it feels like. I am thankful that she was there when I was super clingy and she is still here now that I text her when I think of random crap. I am thankful she hasn’t divorced me yet. Also thankful because she puts me in check about ugly men or very bad life choices… or questionable life choices.


Gladys, who is my other sister in Christ. I am thankful that she still has subscribed to our friendship even though I’m crazy. I am thankful to know someone so selfless and talented. I am thankful that she has good taste in music otherwise we would have never met.


Tina, who is Miffy’s madrinha. I am thankful to have met her because she is such a sweet person. LITERALLY. You are lucky if you ever meet her because she has such a sweet demeanor. She also puts up with my crazy antics, but in a very kind way. I am thankful that although life can be poopy, she is supportive towards me.


Lanica, who is my momager. I am thankful that she has always believed in me more than I have ever believed in myself! I am thankful for her encouragement and pep talks. I will never forget that she took the time out of her busy life to sit me down before I graduated college to tell me to not beat myself up if things didn’t work out the way I had expected them to. 


Mari, who is my lil bb. I am thankful that I have someone to always talk about random crap with. Also, I am very thankful that she is very supportive of my crap. I am thankful that even though we have big differences sometimes, she remains respectful like a true homie.


Yessica, who is an OG. I am thankful that she finally has a cute pet I can stare at. Thank you for being Dani’s mom because she is so cute. I love Dani. What an icon. I am thankful for our very long friendship of concerts, roadtrips, stupid boys (for me), and food runs. Those were the days.


Jasmine, who is a legit mother. I am thankful that even though she lives far away AND has a tiny human, she is still an incredible friend!! I am thankful that we share a love for weird stuff like murder stuff lmfao. I am thankful that you are an amazing mom to peanut, he is so lucky to have you. 


Linda, who is the dopest human. I am thankful that Linda has allowed me the privilege of being her friend.  I am thankful for her thoughtfulness and insight into things that I wouldn’t think about otherwise without her input. I am thankful for remembering small details as well, like how I enjoy eating sushi on valentine’s day.


Kimmy, who is THAT B. I am thankful that Kimmy shows me her friendship in the sense that I don’t need to talk to her everyday or see her all the dang time, and she is still thoughtful enough to remember me and check in on me. I am thankful that she is a true thoughtful queen.


Katelyn, who is also THAT B. I am thankful that I have been friends with Katelyn as long as I have been. Katelyn is the most gentle soul and has shown me what the epitome of beauty is. I am thankful that although she is beautiful appearance wise, Katelyn’s beauty radiates with her personality. I am thankful for her kindness, empathy and strength. 


Luz, who is my fountain of youth. I am thankful to have been able to see her grow up into a little teeny bopper into a whole adult. I am thankful for her youthful insight about life because she keeps me young this way. I am thankful for how she shows her love for others because she is very attention to detail and how although maybe things are not going the way they’re supposed to, she is still so warm hearted towards others.


Karla and Gio, who are the most beautiful people that live in the Monterey area, argue with your momma idc. I am thankful that they are beautiful. While they also live very far from me, I am thankful for their unending support for my doodling. I am thankful that they prove to me that friendship doesn’t have anything to do with distance. I am also thankful for their faces and taste in music.


Overall, I am thankful to everyone that I am lucky enough to call a friend even if I didn’t add them to this list. I have a peabrain. Literally I am listening to a playlist as I type this and whatever song came on determined the order these friends came into my mind.

Happy holidays! Hope y’all eat good food.

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  1. love u, happy thanksgiving ♡ u already know i’m grateful for u but i’ll say it again! thank u for always being there

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