Where do you see yourself?

A couple of months ago I was having a conversation with my work bestie, Claudia, during one of our daily walks. We work in an office so we make an effort to walk during our breaks because sitting is the new smoking. If you work an 8-5, or whatever your schedule looks like, remember to take your federally mandated 15-minute breaks! 

Claudia always lets me ramble on about whatever is on my mind that minute, hour, day, or week. The topic of career growth came about during this particular walk. As always, with her wisdom, Claudia encouraged me to think about where I saw myself in 5 years. Did I really want to take any job because it was more convenient? Did I really want to take on a new role that was unrelated to my career goals because of my boredom? No.

Her advice has been lingering in my mind ever since that conversation. While I enjoy my current role because of the amazing people I am surrounded with, I do not see myself growing in that position. I have been in a career rut since I graduated almost 6 years ago because I have doubted myself in the skills that I have gained throughout the years. Imposter syndrome as they call it. It is very difficult to move past this, but I am not getting any younger and I am tired of feeling regretful towards myself for not taking more chances in my career.

So, I have taken a chance and am pursuing opportunities in a field that I am very interested in. The worst that can happen is that I fail, but at least I will know that I tried and I won’t live with remorse towards myself for not trying. The best thing that can happen is that although I feel I am getting a late start, I am finally going for what I want so that in 5 years, I can say I did it.

Claudia, thank you for being the wise older sister that I always wanted. You are the best for helping me think of things that actually matter.

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