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goodbye to xxxx

welcome back poopers, late sleeper and bored people of the world.

last week, my life changed. I am dramatic. soy dramatica, firma aqui.

if we’ve been friends for years, you’ve followed me on social media or if we met at this person’s concert, you know that this was out of left field. 

so last week, the artist that I viewed as my favorite. like, ride or die situation. y’all know, that one artist who’s back you have no matter what. except, this time, I didn’t have their back. i’m not gonna name them because even though only 2 people read this, what if they found it randomly because idk, IDK. and then they’ll victimize themselves, sue me for all $3 i have in my back account and get people to send me death threats.

if you read the post before this, I said that my previous job disillusioned me when it came to music. however, after much thought with this situation I realized that it was

a mix of that with a thing we call stan culture. mainly on twitter. they’re those fan accounts that go a little too hard sometimes. there’s super nice ones who just wanna vibe with their friends on the TL about the artists they like, but then there’s the ones who tell you to go kill yourself, look for your pictures on your account and roast you. honestly, it’s a really dark place.  and it’s all because you cannot have an opinion that goes against theirs about the artist of their choice. mainly, a lot of huge artists will have stan accounts that will defend them to the end. don’t get me wrong, I also defended this mf, for years, but not to the point where I would tell someone to go die, or go to their profile and send them hate and call them stupid. 

what really irked me about the situation with this particular artist is that I have met them on multiple occasions and they seemed really nice. seemed, there’s more to people than what comes across because I can act like i’m the nicest person in the world, but i’m a real bitch, ask phlisha. don’t sue me, phlisha lagioahgioa. 

they seemed nice, but if they really were, they would have handled this situation with more grace. the comment that was directed towards them was from a friend of mine. however, this person thought it was a good idea to reply to them and spinning it out to be this super negative thing and then all their fans jumped and came to their rescue. they made comments at my friend that weren’t cool at all. they tried to bring up the death of a different artist into this, which was contradictory because if they cared that much, they’d understand that all the hate they sent that day, wouldn’t align with the points they were trying to make. instead, of palliating the situation, this artist kept egging it on by making comments about themselves as if they were larger than life. which, sit down, you’re just like everyone else except with millions.

honestly, this whole thing made me sad because i’ve supported this person for YEARS. THEY TOOK YEARS from me, not to mention money and time.

I don’t understand why as an adult, because this isn’t some teen artist who doesn’t know any better, because I can assure you even they know better than to get their fanbase to send someone hate. I don’t understand why as an adult, they didn’t act like one, humble themselves down and address the comment differently.

to all this artists’ fans, who think they can’t go against their favorite . sit back and think about how they don’t address all of the nice comments all of you make towards them. they chose to address the one “hateful” comment to victimize themselves.  it was a comment that had a critique. also, to this grown ass person, your crew/workers have no business being so condescending to people just because you pay them. y’all are fucking weird.

thanks for all the music you made that I had the pleasure of listening to while I was your fan, all of the wonderful friends I made, all the cool shows I attended to support you, but you can keep all your worshippers . i’ma be chilling with my cat. i’m miffy’s #1 stan.

let me know who your favorite artist is, I need new suggestions!

3 thoughts on “goodbye to xxxx


    sorry this had to happen that caused a fallout between you and your once-fave 🙁

    ps my fav artist is the jonas brothers ofc

  2. Wow people are wildin ahahha I’m sorry you’re friend had to go through that!? I wish people filled social media with positivity instead of negativity but one can only hope. ?

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