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welcome back poopers, late sleepers, bored people of the world. 

I can summarize my days in stockholm into one post.

this was the saddest part of my trip because maria was no longer with me since she had to fly back home. the entire time I was with her I had so much fun because she is hilarious, patient and just a down ass bitch. that was strike one against sweden.

strike two was the fact that I had been in the mf heat for 2 weeks only to come to sweden where it was raining. I have the immune system of a toddler, so right away, BOOM, I got sick. wait, do toddlers have a weak immune system? when traveling remember to pack up your ibuprofen, aleve’s, tylenol’s, any type of meds or whatnot that you use in the u.s of a because chances are they don’t have them in these other places! in sweden you have to go to a pharmacy to buy ibuprofen. they also don’t have cold medicine because you’re apparently expected to suck it up and just deal with it, basically what my tourguide/friend while I was here told me. he thinks it’s a bit weird that we have dayquill, nightquil, etc.

strike three was the fact that they have no street art. I personally love seeing graffiti down alleyways, london has a lot of that, the street art in italy was poppin’, the street artists in paris were incredible too, so it was really disappointing to not see anyone out in the street painting, spray painting, etc. everything that was a piece of art was sold inside shops, it was all really proper. this whole place is a cookie cutter’s dream.  I want my parents to retire here because I know they will be incredibly safe and it dead ass just looks like a postcard.

while I was here I had some bombass tacos, who would have thought? SWEDEN? the place was called la neta and bitch they had al pastor, carnitas, suadero. I wanted carnitas, but they had sold out by the time I ate there. they also sold jarritos. this was one of the few times I felt back home. because let me be real, this place fucking depressed the shit out of me. I had never felt so alone. this was when I truly got home sick because I felt so out of place, but I will give props to stockholm because they were a bit more diverse than I had expected. the people who worked at la neta eran mexicanos, somos los mas chingones, obviamente. there was a girl who worked at tgi’s, that’s right, they have a tgi fridays, I missed american stuff so we went there and the hostess spoke spanish and was from colombia, I believe. and I caught bits of conversations of people speaking in spanish! so it was really cool to hear that.

something I liked about sweden is that they have this thing called fika where you take time out of your day to go, have coffee, eat your pastry at any point during the day. this was mine (on the right). the pastries were so freaking good. I don’t remember the name of this place 🙁 

so I guess the thing in sweden is their meatballs. meatballs for the people did not let me down. these were some magical lil balls of meat aksksksksks, but I’m a sucker for potatoes and these mashed potatoes/puree whateva you wanna call it, CHEF’S MF KISS! also the lingonberries were super good.  I think I got a cider. was probably good if I finished it. 

to finish this off, the only other time I truly felt at home was at this club that had a bollywood night. again, if you know my pervy ass, you know that this was heaven on earth for me. phlisha probably can attest to that as I was texting her the whole night I was there because I was dead. my soul left my body. the love of my life was there and I will never forget his gorgeous presence. rip to the loml. moment of silence.  the crowd there was fucking LIT. I needed all of them to come back with me to the bay area because they know how to party. they were so freaking hyped, and to be honest a lot of them weren’t even drinking! their music is amazing. overall, they’re amazing. 

please enjoy the rest of my pictures from my time here. stockholm, you are one gorgeous ass place, but you’re just not my cup of tea. however, you will see me again with my buds. thanks for reading all about my time abroad. I will come back soon, with … stories maybe not abroad but about me traveling within the u.s of a.

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