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thankful thursday

welcome back. it’s been a while!

the last year has been nuts with the pandemic and having to cope with how everything changed in the blink of an eye.

however, while a lot of bad things have happened in the world, good things still happen every day and I think we often lose sight of that.

as it turns out, having miffy as a pet really has helped me these last 2 years. I am so obsessed with him that I decided to start doodling him. which then led to me thinking: perhaps people would want their pets doodled? which then turned into doodlingfordollars (thank you, Anabel!)

at first, I was very hurt because it seems rather than receiving support from people I have known and who would go as far as to brag that I am their close friend; it’s like they were turning a blind eye to everything I was spam posting about. or maybe they are genuinely clueless because the world doesn’t revolve around me. however, when people text and say “how’s that little sticker thing going”, I know you are lurking and honestly it’s really weird?  no disrespect, but we ain’t homies, like that. do not refer to me as such. no hard feelings, life is too short. 

to clarify, I have NEVER expected my friends to buy stuff from me, support is more than just monetary. sharing a post, liking, etc. is more than enough.

some of you may know though, that I am on a journey with God and He always has to put me in check about how people will ALWAYS disappoint. it’s just the fact of life. yo momma/dad, your sister/ brother, your gf/bf/significant other, your bff, whatever, at some point or another you will feel a little let down by them and that’s normal.

BUT this has taught me to appreciate those who do always show me support.

this is for y’all, my online grammy speech:

God: Nothing is impossible for you, baayybeeee!

my parents: for letting me be failure to launch and telling me when the dogs i draw look kinda weird and nothing like the client photos

Phlisha, Mari, Mara, Yeli, Lanica, and Karla : you all tolerate my shenanigans and let me spam you with whatever rando idea comes to mind. basically my marketing team LOL. I think you guys believe in me more than I believe in myself and for that, I will always be grateful. 

Gladys: because you were my first order and didn’t cuss me out for making your children look nothing like themselves.

Diana: because you placed a custom order and you rock as a small business owner: check her out

Anabel: you were out here telling me to not charge $1, thank you LMFAO

Angelica: for supporting all the endeavors and purchasing all of my crap!

Sandra and Tanya: for also supporting me, check out Tanya’s small business

Sam, Maria, Yessica, and Big Diaz : for supporting me! I always know y’all there! Check out my big bro’s youtube channel:

Tina: you are some other level of person, sometimes I don’t think you’re real because you are too kind, and have shown me so much kindness throughout this doodling process

Linda: because you be giving me good ideas on what to do and don’t call me dumb lmfao

Kiani and Irene: even from lands far away in SoCal, there you are showing me love all the time!

Raqu3l: thanks for sending me cool coupons/amazing deals. pimps be broke out heeeeaaaaa!

Jasmine: because you have a baby that’s gorgeous fkgodsjhgioahgioah

Katelyn and Kimmy: you guys are my favorite bff duo. you guys also support me more than you know. Check out Katelyn’s soon to be open boutique!

Gabe (I doubt you’ll read this): but I’m throwing Gabe in here because I went to high school with him, and literally do not talk to him on a constant basis but he took a leap of faith and let me doodle his gorgeous pup.

Simon: even though you are abroad, thank you for always retweeting my stickers  ♡ 

Erica, Gio, all other fans of 1D: y’all really do be making my day with your support!

To anyone else, I may have forgotten… I am sorry because I have a pea brain 😐

If you follow me though, know that I appreciate it so much!!!! 

If you wanna check me out because you’ve been living under a rock…. I am




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  1. ily friend ♡ as per usual i will always hype u up and share/repost ur content!!! s/o to the 14 y/o emo kids copping ur stuff ♡ we love them

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