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viva l’Italia!

welcome back poopers, late sleepers, bored people of the world. 

we hopped out the plane in Italy with our dreams and our cardigans.

right off the bat, we flopped. yes we know spanish, no this is not Italian so as similar as the languages are, it’s impossible to get our points across without being fluent in Italian!!! or at least being semi familiar. our struggle began when we tried to catch an uber and it was $80 because as it turns out, I didn’t know that in Italy you can’t just use any type of car to drive uber. you know how here in the u. s of a people can use any type of car as long as it’s over the year 2008 or something along those lines? not there. they must drive luxury cars, etc. hence, why it ended up being an expensive uber ride had we accepted it. we decided to do the totally responsible thing and follow a random man in a suit into his van. it was the cheaper alternative and honestly he was super nice and didn’t end up kidnapping us, whoohoo. make sure that before you book a trip, you look into transportation from the airport to your destination. hotels offer that service, so, just make sure you look.

right off the bat, I was sus of Italy. I didn’t know whether or not if I liked the vibe. sort of the same thing that happened in amsterdam, but that changed once we arrived to our airbnb that we almost didn’t make it to because check in was 6 and we got there at 6:05  ? luckily the guy was still there to check us in. out of the whole trip, this was the most beautiful, spacious and comfortable place we chose.


and of course, right as we got there, I started looking for food on yelp. we were about a 20 minute walk from a street that had a bunch of restaurants. I found this restaurant: which was 5/5. I ordered a plate with cheese and salame, but what sold me here was when I ordered cheesecake. I 

love cheesecake. cheesecake is my favorite. cheesecake is my life. I FUCKING LOVE CHEESECAKE. i would slap you for cheesecake. 

comment your favorite dessert, are you a cheesecake lover or hater? when they brought me this though. I was like que chingados es esto???? no that is not poop. that is hazelnut praline, next to it strawberries, the cheesecake and on top of the cheesecake is passionfruit, I don’t remember what’s on the side. that cheesecake deserved the world, the moment I bit into it was in a whole other galaxy because it was so smooth so you were just scooping it into your mouth and it melted. I damn near cried. i’m pretty sure I teared up to be honest. 

after dinner we continued to explore and decided that we would walk to the trevi fountain because the weather was starting to cool down since it was about 9pm? on our walk, we had gelatto. I will never forget that gelatto place because the guy working called me poor and told me that perhaps I didn’t have money since my card was declined. but no, I had locked my card because I was in another country and I had forgotten to unlock it. a tip I have for y’all is to use a capital one card while you travel abroad because it doesn’t charge you foreign transaction fees that your debit card does. for example, I have chase so they charged me 3% on all my purchases. so remember to use a credit card OR go to your bank before your trip to get currency for the places you will be traveling to. avoid using your debit card and pulling out money from ATM’s in the place you’re traveling to.

sorry, I get sidetracked easily. we finally arrived at the fountain. also, another tip, keep your stuff very close to you. since this is a prime tourist spot, a lot of pit pocketing happens. someone dead ass opened the small pocket of my backpack. luckily I didn’t have anything in there. just be very mindful of your stuff, if you have no business taking a lot of stuff, do so. just keep the important stuff with you in a fanny pack.  there were a shit ton of people there so it was hard to get pictures, but we did it. we came, we saw, we conquered and decided to walk back. 

buonanotte italia. see you on thursday for the next part of this story!

comment your favorite dessert, are you a cheesecake lover or hater?


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